Pure Thermal 1 Development Board

Pure Thermal 1 is the next development platform for the Flir Lepton. Fusing the powerful STM32 with the Lepton

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By connecting the Flir Lepton with the STM32 micro-controller we get a small, low power, thermal sensor platform to enable others to easily develop their custom thermal applications.

This board combines a lot of input of the ideas generated by the community here. The STM32 has just enough horsepower to do some basic signal processing and do something useful with it without taking a lot of power or space.
Also out of the box it can do color, 9 Hz video over usb using the USB UVC class, so it can be quite useful for non developers as well to do evaluation and testing of the capabilities of the Flir Lepton.

The PCB keeps the same 1"x1" size as the original breakout board, but adds a ton of functionality. A few extra additions are an infrared thermopile(TMP007) and a li-ion charger.

To enable easy development the STM USB boot-loader is easily entered via a simple push button sequence. Also 100 mil pitched holes breakout UART and I2C.

Hardware Features

  • STM32F411CEU6 ARM microprocessor
  • Socket for the Flir Lepton 2 or 3
  • Infrared thermopile TMP007
  • USB port
  • Li-ion Battery Charger
  • UART Expansion on 100mill header pads
  • I2C Expansion on 100mil header pads
  • 8-pin Header compatible with the ESP8622 WiFi module
  • Can be powered via USB, Li-ion or External 5V source
  • On/Off switch
  • USB boot-loader builtin, no JTAG needed. JTAG via FFC Header.

Software Features
  • Open Source
  • Easy to adapt and add your custom application
  • Contribute back to the community
  • Examples for Color Video over USB using UVC class (no drivers needed!)
  • USB UVC works on Windows, Linux, Mac, and even Android!
  • Example sending video over UART
  • I2C interface to lepton to reconfigure module to different internal modes
  • I2C code to read out the TMP007 Thermopile

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