Hair Dryer Fume Extractor

A ventilation system that sucks the soldering fumes and delivers the fumes outside.

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Inspired by:

The fumes that go out when soldering is the problem.

One solution is to suck the fumes through a cheap carbon filter but I don't trust the filters.

I think it's better to take the fumes out of the house. The guy on the video does it with a hair dryer, some pieces of vacuum cleaner hose and a cone.

I liked the idea using a hair dryer as an engine.

I can't install the hose permanently so my ventilation system needs to be portable. That makes it harder.
  • 1 × Hair dryer [ ]
  • 1 × Hose [ ]
  • 1 × Various water bottles to use as cones [ x ]
  • 1 × Something to keep the system steady [ ]

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