Updated Python version: better visibility and pseudo color

A project log for Schlieren-Videography

With this project I want to show you how you can make Schlieren-Videography at home. To do so we will use the Moiré-effect.

Mark Dammer MM0DQMMark Dammer MM0DQM 08/10/2016 at 15:120 Comments

Promising experiments with a second histogram equalization stage after differentiation and pseudo color mapping.
I recommend to turn off all automatic features (autofocus, exposure/shutter, gain, white balance) on your camera to avoid flickering images and "pumping". Linux users who use a webcam can use guvcview in control panel mode to control the camera without causing a busy v4l device:

guvcview -z -d /dev/video1 This controls my second (external) camera.