PCB TOP / Raspberry Pi Compute Module Socket

A project log for Open Source All-In Drone-Droni SAME70Pi (Kopernik)

Yet another open source platform for drones, but this one is fully integrated and uses the SAME70@300Mhz x2 + a Pi Compute Module

Laetitia BELLaetitia BEL 04/01/2018 at 22:520 Comments

The PCB TOP has a socket to host the Raspberry Pi compute module

It is connected to :
- a micro USB for booting
- a USB-A for peripheral (not soldered yet)
- two Raspberry Pi Cameras (not soldered yet)

The power of the compute is provided by two LDO 1v8 and 2v5. The 3v3 is directly provided by the PCB Bottom.