Multi-tool mounting hardware for CNC machines supporting extruders, milling spindle, laser, microscope, depth probe, etc.

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Multi-tool mounting hardware supporting.
* Four extruders.
* Milling spindle.
* Laser.
* Microscope.
* Depth probe.

Emphasis was given versatility, compact layouts, and modularity. Based on aluminum extrusions, all custom brackets can be made as small 3/16" aluminum plates, easily fabricated with little as a hax saw and hand drill. Additionally, an integrated milling spindle design is offered for use with lightweight machines.

Since this platform is specifically designed with normal LulzBot Taz compatibility in mind, I do hope to see some actual use by other members of the community. Mounting brackets for LM8/10/12UU bearings are simple, an example LM10UU chasis design is available.

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