Drawing with tattoo machine

A simple drawing machine inspiring by handmade tattoo machine

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Inspiring by tattoo machine, you can draw with dots.
For now it's just prototype but I would like create one less "handmade" visually and more easy to replace battery or others components.
More soon...

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MARK wrote 08/24/2023 at 19:50 point

i am a tattoo artist and also deals in tattoo machines i just get the idea and appriciate it. if you want to check out <a href="">rotary tattoo machine</a>

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Ryan wrote 06/27/2023 at 03:08 point

It's exciting to hear that you have a prototype in progress! Creating a less "handmade" design could potentially offer several advantages. A visually appealing product often attracts more attention and generates greater interest among potential users. Additionally, making it easier to replace batteries or other components is a great consideration for usability and convenience.

I'm curious to know what specific improvements you have in mind for the next version. Are you planning to incorporate any specific materials or manufacturing techniques to achieve a more polished look? It would also be interesting to learn about the steps you plan to take to enhance the ease of component replacement.

Usually, I like wireless tattoo machine which are great in terms of portability and lightweight design:

Here you can get idea from this list:

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