The glass is based on the ESP32 and can be connected to your Smartphone via Bluetooth (BLE)

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This Smartglass is designed to facilitate your everyday life in many situations. The device is controlled by an ESP32 and can be connected to your smartphone via BLE. It can show you your recent text messages, the day time, the speed when driving your car or basically any data you require in a certain situation when your hands are in action. The data is displayed on a 0.96” OLED, magnified with a lens and projected on the acrylic glass screen. You can scroll through the text on the display by using the touch capacitve slider at the side of the device. Being powered by a 3.7V LiPo, the glass can be recharged via the micro USB-Port, which allows an easy way to update the firmware as well. Finally, the whole hardware is fitted in the 3-D printed cover. It consists of two parts and can be easily dismantled. The cover is designed to be attached to nearly every glass, so it is very flexible in application.


  • BLE to connect to your smartphone
  • Showing the time, incoming text messages from your mobile or any other important data
  • Scrolling through the text on screen with the touch slider
  • Can be attached to nearly every glass
  • Charged and uptdated via the micro-USB port
  • Software can be easily customized to individual needs

  • 1 × [1] 3.7 V LiPO
  • 1 × [2] Acrylic glass mirror
  • 1 × [3] Maginfication lens
  • 1 × [4] Acrylic glass screen
  • 1 × [5] 0.96" OLED

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  • Log 2

    matteo_m05/05/2018 at 18:16 0 comments

    Finally, the printing of the cover for the first prototype has been finished. In the meanwhile, all the other electric components like the LiPo and the new display arrived. We have decided to use a TFT screen instead of an OLED as mentioned before. Two main reasons had lead us to this decision:

    • It is a RGB color display and not only monochrome blue or white
    • It has a resolution of 160x80 dpi instead of only 128x64 compared to the OLED

    Even though the power consumption will be higher, we consider the advantages more important. We will now start to wire up the whole prototype for the first test runs and extend the functions of the firmware. Moreover, we are finalizing the PCB-design for the first prototype of the slider to scroll through the screen.

  • Log 1

    matteo_m03/22/2018 at 07:32 0 comments

    Hello to everyone who is following this project. These Logs are going to document the development of the Smartglass project. Right now, I am testing the lens and the mirror. Therefore, I use a wooden prototype cover. The distance from the OLED to the lens is the exact focus length of the magnification lens to create a clear image on the screen (picture 1, 2). The wooden prototype is attached to an old 3-D glass to test the created Image (Picture 3). As you can see on picture , it works quite well ( picture 4). Simultaneously, the first tests with the BLE-connection and the smartphone have been completed successful as well. Right now, the design process of the 3D-printed cover and the Eagle design of the PCB for the slider is in full effect.

    picture 1

    picture 2

    This is the top view of the wooden porotype including the position of the components and the focus length.

    picture 3

    picture 4

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Amey Kshirsagar wrote 12/09/2018 at 19:12 point

Can you help me build one by sharing the 3D model files of the first prototype, if you don't mind ?? I am trying to make a device for doctors on the same concept

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