Light Bender - A laser cut laser game i made

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Light bender is a board game i made using a Red, Green & Blue laser.The idea is to use mirror's to route the laser beam to a target.There are 9 red-green-blue LED's placed around the play field, each with an accompanying light sensor.See it in action over on youtube:

The game starts by triggering the proximity sensor at the top of the board and a random LED will light up a random colour. The same coloured laser also turns on and the clock is started at 20 seconds. When you complete the beam path to it's target, the next colour & laser is randomly selected. The remaining time on the clock adds to your score.

Past level 15 the time to solve each level is reduced. Eventually to 6 seconds. Failing to solve the puzzle in the time limit will end the game.

Parts used...

1x Green laser pointer
1x Red laser pointer
1x Blue laser pointer
9x WS2812 RGB LED
9x Light dependent resistor 1x proximity sensor
1x OLED display
1x Speaker
1x Arduino Mega2560 Mini
3x BD135 transistor

The top clear acrylic and lower ply pieces where cut using a laser cutter (K40). I used a vinyl cutter to cut the black and white decals placed under the clear acrylic. And finally i 3d printed the laser mounts and covers to complete the game.

NOTE: you probably shouldn't build this...laser safety and all that!

  • Not sure

    Chris Mitchell03/26/2018 at 13:03 0 comments

    How do you guys deal with the aftermath of a big project?
    I don't know about you but i tend to approach things a little less scientific than I'm probably capable of and as a result i end up with all this very cool but useless stuff!
    Is it worth keeping it all in a box to one day make in to some kind of mega-thing? or do you chuck it since you can probably make it again?

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