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RogerRoger 10/26/2018 at 08:070 Comments

For our October 2018 meetup, we gathered at King's Row Gastropub with our hacks and chat. Here are some of the projects that made an appearance.

David bought the latest evolution in his exploration of 3D printing on flexible media.

Tim brought his Hackaday Prize 2018 musical instrument challenge semifinalist "Stylish!"

Emily brought her bird skull project. Two bird skulls (made by natural biology, not 3D-printing) now have their beaks articulated by Arduino-controlled servos. They move slowly at idle, but when the infrared sensor detects nearby motion, the birds become agitated. Plus a Numitron tube, just because.

Merrick brought a ball-launching robot that was his school project years ago and being brought back to life. The school kept all the electronics, but that was fine because they'd be old and in need of update by now anyway, which is happening. 

Jackie brought a big fluffy cloud lit from within by a color changing LED strip.

Tod brought this circular screen displaying a moving eyeball (its iris responds to light level and everything.)

Meneki Neko stopped by

Jasmine brought a light-up corset:

Laura is new to hardware hacking, but she's off to a great start with this project: a light level sensor that wirelessly feeds data to an light level indicator LED elsewhere in her house.

Phoebe the autonomous navigating parts bin robot was also present. Due to risk of getting stepped on, Phoebe sat still on a table instead of running around on the ground. However, a laptop was set up so people can see a plot of distance data from Phoebe's spinning LIDAR distance scanner.

Next up: the Hackaday Superconference!