ESP8266-01 Development board

A quick and easy dev board for the esp8266-01 board

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This will augment some of my esp8266 projects. Here is a quick development board. It will allow you to write firmware to the board as well as program the board.

I have been building a number of esp8266-01 projects. Several people have emailed me about what I used to program/debug the boards. Here is a simple development board for programming and loading firmware. Also has a couple of LED for testing GPIO output.

  • 2 × LED's Color and size of your choice.
  • 1 × 100 ohm resistors dropping resistors for the LED's
  • 1 × Case to house assembly in I used a plastic case I had laying around, use what you need. You can leave it as a bare board if you want.
  • 1 × Misc wire I used wirewrap wire but can be done with any small guage wire.
  • 1 × SPST swtch This will be used to turn power on/off to the esp8266.

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    Gary01/31/2016 at 18:27 0 comments

    The build technique and enclosure you use can be whatever you have on hand. I have built a couple of these

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    Step 1

    I have built several of these development boards. The contstruction technique and enclosure is up to you. there are no critical parts or tolerances. Most of my electronic parts came from various ebay suppliers.

    I used wirewrap wire but any small guage hookup wire will work.

    The case was one of many I purchased when Radio Shack was closing stores. You can build these on a bare board or put it in some enclosure.

    The switches I have had for years and were pulls from various projects.

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    Step 2

    I used a USB FTDI serial port board. Plugs into a stadard USB port and provides recevie and transmit data pins along with power and ground. This specific model also provided 3.3v but didnt have the current capacity to power the esp8266, so I used the 5v line and an external regulator to get the 3.3v.

    You can get similar units with mini or micro usb ports. Use the configuration that meets your needs.

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    Step 3

    For my project I replaced the 90 deg headers on the ftdi board with staight headers so they could plug into the bread board.

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