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Pi Zero WiFi Backpack for WS281x LED Matrices


John P. Weiksnar wrote 09/03/2016 at 20:30 point

Is this project still active? It seems to have potential, but I had a few questions.

1. You say,

> The Processing examples must be run on a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer because Processing needs a graphics console.

Is this true? I'm using a Pi Zero to run Processing natively, then have a NeoPixel 8x8 connected to Fadecandy (which in turn is connected to the Pi Zero's USB) and all works fine. The Pi Zero's HDMI out works fine to display the Processing UI at full frame rate.

2. Is your use of Fadecandy examples implying that the Pi Zero itself can emulate the hardware Fadecandy? I realize the Unicorn isn't a standard NeoPixel 8x8, but is my hardware setup above including Fadecandy redundantly, when the Pi Zero's outputs could feed the NeoPixel?

3. I'm stuck with Glediator unable to recognize the Fadecandy/NeoPixel setup I have. Do you think your network-driven patch would work over the Pi Zero's USB-to-Fadecandy/NeoPixel setup? I'm troubleshooting RXTX and Glediator being unable to recognize a serial output right now. . . .

Thanks very much~

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