Picture of NodeMCU Getting Started and Web Server Application

Hi all,

Nowadays there are so many development boards and platforms announcing and getting cheaper as well. Of course IoT has an effect on it. For example, recently I got a ESP8266 based NodeMCU board. It is really cool and easy to use. There are so many platforms to write code for ESP8266 as well. Also now there is an Arduino sketch support. And the most important point it's that is so cheap comparing to the others. You can get it for 5-10$ on the internet. So then, I started to play with it!

Recently I made a post about a web server application with Tiva C series launchpad. It should be here. And I wanted to do same project with NodeMCU, because NodeMCU is cheaper than Tiva Connected Launchpad and has a WiFi.

In addition I prepared a getting started document with NodeMCU and Arduino Sketch. So this time I combined all of them on a github repository.
You can get all files here.
I hope it helps you on your projects. See you on my next post inshaAllah. Have fun!