The Hack-E-Bot is a project to create a low price entry level robotics kit.

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The original restrictions for this project are that the robot should be;
-- Easy to assemble without the use of many tools.
-- Up-gradable and hack-able.
-- Based on an easy to program chip-set.
-- Fully constructed for under $50.

I have just sold the first batch of kits and should be making more soon.
The website is

Right now I am looking to get educators involved to help turn the website into an educational portal for children interested in engineering and robotics.
  • 1 × 1/2″ Ball Caster With 1/2″ Metal Ball from Pololu.
  • 1 × 270-Point Breadboard From Pololu.
  • 1 × 4 x AA Battery Holder with On/Off Switch
  • 1 × Adafruit Trinket – Mini Microcontroller – 5V Logic From
  • 1 × HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Range Finder Can be found at or Hobbyking

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