Rise/Fall control

A project log for Rasterphonic Glove

Analog video synthesizer you can touch with a five finger light gun. Makes music too.

Russell KramerRussell Kramer 03/11/2016 at 03:180 Comments

With the Zapper project I implemented a system where when the gun is pointed away from the screen or at a dark area the voltage stored in the holding capacitor can gradually rise, fall, or remain unchanged. I was initially planning to leave this out of the glove project, but changed my mind because the audio circuit (covered in next log) wasn't sounding very good and I hoped this would produce a big improvement. The audio does have a different sound now, but the graphics feel unresponsive when they're allowed to change without direct input from hand motions. I may reverse my decision and take rise/fall control out of the project later on.

Last time I implemented rise/fall control with one potentiometer and one SP3T switch for each axis. With the glove project that would be ten potentiometers and ten switches for the five different X,Y values, so I changed the implementation. Now each axis is controlled by two SP3T switches which allow it to hold or rise and fall at three different speeds.

The row of twenty SP3t switches. Four per finger; two per axis. Audio circuit control is below the switches.