As a student myself, I think some music players can be hard to afford. Especially the ones small and compact, the price is usually pretty high ---- take iPod as an example, it cost $149. Which is overpriced. This project lets you build an MP3 player/Camera that cost way less than that.

I got my inspiration from looking at my old bulky music player, which doesn't have a graphical user interface either. The MPi3 will be a LOT smaller! And it also contains a camera as a bonus.

This is also a very good project to make if you want a portable device that you bring to school or work. Theoretically, it shouldn't take too much power too drive.

"Innovated" all by myself, "designed" all by myself.


Materials needed:

Raspberry Pi zero

Micro SD card greater than 4gb

16x2 LCD character display

PowerBoost 1000C (recommended) or 500C

2600 mAh LiPo battery (recommended size)

Micro (Mini?) HDMI extension cable/Adapter

USB to TTL Console cable

Micro USB to USB OTG cable

USB Hub (3 or more ports)

Ethernet adapter and/or mini WiFi dongle

USB webcam (Linux supported ones)

Micro USB charging cable x2

Soldering iron & related tools

Tactile Switches x5

USB storage device (low power consumption recommended)

3.5mm (1/8) Audio Jack





Experimental use materials:


Jumper wires

Raspberry Pi 2 Cobbler

GPIO headers 2x20