Open Typewriter

Open Typewriter is a typewriter allowing to write digital files without distraction.

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Open Typewriter is a typewriter allowing to write digital files without distraction.

This project is actually a draft, an idea I had based on a product I saw poping in my twitter feed. The product is a “smart” typewriter. Designed to be a distraction free writing tool, it can last 4 weeks on battery and featured a 5.5" e Ink screen. What makes it smart is that you can type wherever you want, your text is saved locally and you can then connect to a WiFi access and upload your text to a Cloud Hosting service.

I really like the idea, I tend to be easily distracted when I write but what bothers me is that they sell it $550. Okay it featured a mechanical keyboard and a nice aluminum case but… $550!

So, I'm going to build myself, first, a prototype with:

  • an e Ink screen that I still have to find,
  • maybe an Arduino board, depending on what I really want my Typewriter capable of,
  • a USB drive or an (micro)-SD card for internal storage,
  • a USB port to plug an external keyboard,

I still have to think about I want to manage the keyboard mapping, the file retrieval and the system itself (what happen after booting, what appears on the screen…).

Well, this is it.

  • Small heads-up

    Alexandre Rio03/30/2017 at 11:14 0 comments

    Hi everyone,

    I'm having trouble starting this project, I've looked for e-ink parts but I haven't find anything suitable for a DIY project I can do.

    First on my list was: but the electronic part of the project seems a bit too difficult for me.

    Another thought was to use a real product with a dev kit, such as the MpicoSys 7.4" from pervasivedisplays but I find it a bit too expansive and way less DIY.

    If you have any ideas of other parts I can use for this project don't hesitate to reach me, here or on twitter.

    See you


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