Sunrise v0.3 hopeful objectives

A project log for Sunrise - DLP 3D Printer, printable.

Open source 3D printable DLP 3D printer.

jaime-garcaJaime GarcĂ­a 02/28/2016 at 01:110 Comments

Latest modification on Sunrise were focused in ease of assembly, but then we encountered these new ideas, that could actually lead to a redesign more than simple tweaks. I'll condense them in two main ideas:

Put the projector sideways

Is that simple. By putting the projector sideways we get rid of all the empty space on the left of the Optoma, making the machine thinner.

But there's another advantage.

The Sunrise is scalable and everything, and you could build a big Sunrise that held a Cinema projector inside (heat generation issues aside) by choosing another length for the aluminium profiles. But, if you put the projector sideways, this may not even be necessary.

You see, projectors generally have the output lens to one side. and the projector grows the other direction. By putting the projector sideways, (like printing in "portrait" mode) you put that direction, pointing to the front, where there's nothing but maybe the user.

The point is that we could hopefully fit more projectors in the printer that way, without having to change it's structure.

Removable printing environment

This one is difficult to explain so bear with me. If TL;DR go the hyphened paragraph.

Most of the printers end up having an enclosure to protect the resin an everything, but because this is RepRap inspired, that just hasn't been included yet.

There seems to be no place to fix an enclosure but just covering the whole machine up, but that was undesired because of hackability purposes. But what if we only enclosed the vat and the platform? like, only the place where the action happens.

Then we would have the thing that, there's no place to fix the enclosure bu the very vat, but then we would have the axis' arm going through the back wall. OK! let's make that happen, we can make like a bellow so the axis can go up and down without losing the enclosure.

That would work, but taking out the vat and leaving the enclosure there, dripping onto the projector didn't feel right. Soooo... what if we took the whole enclosure with the vat, and the axis' arm just stuck in there like those gloves you have in labs, passing through a window, for handling hazardous materials?

-We would have this kind of methacrylate box, that you just put on the Sunrise, make the print, and take it out and away from delicate components for clean up.

It's utility is still in discussion but, when we build it we will find out.

You can find an early assembly of this ideas on the Development branch in github.