1 Done, 24 More To Go

A project log for Tote HaD

Special edition of Tote for the Belgrade workshop.

├░eshipu├░eshipu 04/01/2016 at 11:430 Comments

The remaining parts just arrived, including the package of 200 servos:

I'm still waiting for 20 batteries, but hopefully they will arrive sometime next week.

I finally can start assembling the PCBs for the kits. I already did the first one:

You can see some unpopulated headers and footprints there -- that's because they are optional, and the parts I got are not enough to fill them on all 25 boards. But that also means that you can improve your robot even further once you take it home. I will be posting detailed instructions here about each optional feature, so that hopefully this will be easy. We can also talk about this on the workshop, if there is time.