46.9k 72 644
An affordable electronics manufacturing system for hobbyists, students, & small businesses. Inspired by RepRap. Powered by OpenPnP/FirePick.
Project Owner Contributor

$300 Pick and Place / 3D printer

by Neil Jansen

33.6k 109 552
Python-powered machine vision modules
Project Owner Contributor


by i.abdalkader

24.3k 28 362
Intelligent home automation hardware and software on a budget which utilizes a full home personal digital assistant and electricity savings
16.0k 75 337
LoFi is a very low cost ($5), small, auto-transmitting module. Preassembled and preprogrammed. Simply attach to your appliances or projects!
Project Owner Contributor


by David Cook

25.5k 47 318
Science in your hand. A pocket-sized instrument capable of visualizing and exploring the world around you.
Project Owner Contributor

Open Source Science Tricorder

by peter jansen

24.5k 91 269
Fully stand-alone HF (Shortwave) Software Defined Transceiver & Vector Network Analyzer. Designed for rugged portable use. Highly hackable.
Project Owner Contributor


by Michael R Colton

15.6k 25 240
SatNOGS is an open source ground station and network, optimized for modularity, built using affordable tools and resources.
8.8k 30 220
The uRADMonitor is a plug-and-play, low power, self contained radiation monitoring device, with a network interface used to centralise data.
13.6k 37 207
Moti is a smart servo that simplifies the design of intricate robots.
Project Owner Contributor

Moti, a smart servo

by nsted

32.4k 73 174
A BIG Gas Powered Quadcopter
Project Owner Contributor

Goliath - A Gas Powered Quadcopter

by Peter McCloud

7.4k 16 160
Automation framework based on wireless Moteino nodes.
Project Owner Contributor

The Moteino Framework

by Felix Rusu

22.6k 76 151
An open source 3D Printable Raman Spectrometer using a RaspberryPi and easy to find off the shelf components..
Project Owner Contributor

ramanPi - Raman Spectrometer

by fl@C@

12.7k 67 149
100% open source robot platform with accessability and affordability in mind: teaching children of all ages about robots & programming
Project Owner Contributor

Stubby the (Teaching) Hexapod

by The Big One

16.8k 18 141
Secure your Internet, control your data, fight censorship. Bring your autonomous all in one privacy device everywhere.
Project Owner Contributor

Web security everywhere

by Arcadia Labs

19.6k 8 138
ChipWhisperer laughs at your AES-256 implementation.
Project Owner Contributor

ChipWhisperer®: Security Research

by coflynn

13.0k 18 137
open hardware interactive midair screen
Project Owner Contributor

Hoverlay II

by iamnotachoice

11.3k 10 130
A basic radar system makes radar accessible at low cost for experiments with rangefinding & navigation of autonomous aircraft or spacecraft.
Project Owner Contributor

Simple, low-cost FMCW radar

by Luke Weston

20.3k 62 123
Project Bionic Yourself (B10N1C) is a small implant for your arm that makes you a bionic-superhero.
Project Owner Contributor

Bionic Yourself V2.0


8.4k 41 119
Increase your privacy and security by exchanging short messages securely. Created by members of hackerspace Sector67.
Project Owner Contributor

NSA Away

by Scott Hasse

7.7k 30 115
A thumb-sized device that plugs into your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch headphones jack and turns your iOS device into a Thermal Camera
Project Owner Contributor

TJ - $99 Thermal Imager

by Marius Popescu

5.6k 10 104
An agile radio designed for low power and narrow bandwidths over a wide frequency range.
Project Owner Contributor

level: A New Kind of Radio Module

by Hunter Scott

7.1k 9 101
Portable and self contained FDM 3D printer designed to be the ideal tool for field hospitals short on supplies and nomadic engineers alike.
Project Owner Contributor

TOME - Portable 3D Printer

by Philip Ian Haasnoot

13.1k 25 95
An affordable Arduino controlled multipurpose laser exposing device. Use it for SLA Printers, PCB Exposing, Laser Harp etc.
Project Owner Contributor


by Mario Lukas

7.8k 11 90
A 3D printer with 4 extruders that can move independently and simultaneously
Project Owner Contributor

Theta Printer

by Tyler Anderson

7.4k 17 83
A BT 4.0 fitness-tracking smart watch for Android+iOS with a 1.5" color OLED display, SD card, NFC, wireless charging, and precision IMU
Project Owner Contributor


by Walltech

4.3k 16 76
an electronics pick-n-place retrofit for 3D printers
Project Owner Contributor

Retro Populator

by Eric Boyd

5.9k 18 71
The one of the most revolutionary inventions of the 20th Century, designed for DIY gene replication. (Now with a working prototype!)
Project Owner Contributor

$5 Polymerase Chain Reactor

by David

5.1k 12 70
A tiny, sub-$100 8x8 pixel thermal camera with BLE connectivity
Project Owner Contributor

GRID-EYE BLE-capable thermal camera

by AKA

14.0k 30 69
robot lawn mower on steroids
Project Owner Contributor


by schuhumi

6.3k 11 67
Slim, wireless, self-contained. No special paper, no base station.
Project Owner Contributor

NoteOn Smartpen

by Nick Ames

5.5k 9 64
A solar energy system up to 500W in power for use with lithium batteries.
Project Owner Contributor

Solar Energy Generator

by Nathaniel VerLee

4.5k 15 60
An open-source "smart watch" that can be built from easily available parts, and assembled by hand. Designed for hackers
Project Owner Contributor


by Jared Sanson

4.3k 70 59
A device for conducting Nuclear Magnetic Resonance experiments at Earth's field
3.9k 28 56
Recording weight, hive temperature, and weather data toward better management and understanding of honeybees.
Project Owner Contributor

Honeybee Hive Monitoring

by Ken Meyer

2.7k 15 51
Measure brain activity with light
Project Owner Contributor

fNIR Brain Imager

by Jeremy Ruhland

6.5k 37 50
A Mobile 3D printer to build Megastructures
Project Owner Contributor


by coxrandy

3.1k 25 48
Design and build a simple, inexpensive, and manufacturable remote indicator for the most common type of mechanical water meter in use today.
Project Owner Contributor

Remote Water Consumption Display

by hackersbench

3.1k 11 46
A robotic solar-powered surfboard that will travel from LA to Hawaii! It's Arduino-powered, satellite connected, and collects ocean data.
Project Owner Contributor


by Rusty Jehangir

3.8k 5 41
Includes RF detector up to 6GHz and a datalogger
Project Owner Contributor

Handheld 3GHz Spectrum Analyzer

by roelh

6.2k 16 39
We are living in the future, Medics now need motorbikes to navigate our congested cities but they no longer need two wheels
Project Owner Contributor

Medicycle - Urban Responder

by Nick Thatcher

3.3k 13 33
Using a cheap tire compressor, driven by a stepper motor, to apply solder paste from a syringe and then soldering small wires to components.
2.1k 3 33
Cell phones for Sea Turtles -- creating an extremely low powered remote data recorder and sensor for monitoring wildlife.
Project Owner Contributor

Turtle Sense

by Samuel Wantman

4.9k 2 32
A low cost homebrew transponder styled after the Es'hailSat ham payload. S-band to X-Band
Project Owner Contributor

Cheap satellite transponder

by 2FTG

2.1k 5 32
A compact Bluetooth device that acts as a safety net for sleeping type 1 diabetics, detecting hypoglycaemia and calling for help.
3.4k 2 31
FarmBot is an open-source automated precision farming machine and software package built for small scale, hyper local, DIY food production.
Project Owner Contributor

FarmBot - CNC Farming and Gardening

by Rory Aronson

1.5k 3 30
This project's goal was to make a vest that a visually impaired or gamer could use when moving around in their environment(real or virtual).
1.3k 0 29
A Continuous Glucose Monitor, the Cloud = Life Saving, Life Changing Diabetes Care... for everyone.
Project Owner Contributor

Diabetes Data, Everywhere

by John Costik

2.7k 11 25
Multiple nodes detect photons to within nanoseconds to analyze cosmic ray air showers and help solve the Greisen-Zatsepin-Kuzmin paradox.
2.6k 5 21
A system that enables multirotors to dock and self recharge which allows them to perform longer autonomous missions