Julian Fernandez

Student working on a couple projects, Interested in Aerospace, Aviation, electrical engineering and picosatellites.

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This user joined on 12/08/2018.

Things I've Built

50$ Drone

Cheapest possible drone, intended as a project to learn about DIY flight controllers and Arduino based ESC.

AttoSat - a 3x3cm Satellite

Development of a chipsat equipped with a variety of sensors and telecommunications systems.

F1 CO2 Cartridge powered car

A project carried out for the F1 In schools competition, capable of traveling 20m in under 1s. Used 5 axis CNC machining to manufacture.

DIY 212CC Kart

A DIY 6.5HP 212CC Kart, welded using stick. No smart IoT this time.

Self Sustainable Composting Machine

Smart IoT enabled composting machine designed to process waste food into compost, runs on solar panels and automatically adds additional nutrients or mixes the compost to aerate it depending on sensor data.

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