3D printer filament maker

Create 3D printing filament from PET flakes.
Bottle → Flakes → FILAMENT → 3D Printing

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By creating our own unique designed extruder, we are scheduled to complete our first batch of 100% recycle filament by July 2018. Our unique system is purposely designed so that it can be easily reproduced. All parts are printed from b-PET, 100% recycled PET. You can contact us at or at


According to the activity PETMAT z.ú. this project aim to reduce the plastic impact. Some other people did already work on it:

Filament making open source

Lyman and Mulier Extruder V5 Filament maker from Washigton
- fas83 French guy making filament from recycled ABS
3D Printer Filament Factory Filament maker guide on
- Precious Plastic creating machines to recycle plastics, started in Netherlands

Other options

- mahor muñiz cadenas Spanish guy working on printing directly with flakes

Purchaseable versions of filament making machines

Home filament extruders on RobotRebels
Strooder 3D

Filament from recycling companies

b-pet Argentina company selling filament 100% made from recycled PET 
Reflow running operation is in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania - Better Future Factory go on their website, there are different projects similar to our filament maker (Refil and Lifecycle Lab)

TOOLS & PARTS YOU NEED (What we use)

details list working soon

Conception & 3D Printing

- Conception software (Solidworks - Fusion360 - Blender)
- Slicer (Slic3r)
- Printer (Veletiskárna home made printer)

Motorisation & Flakes transporting

- Motor: we are testing a new one
- Screw feeder: 14mm x 60mm drill head piece
- Bearings to hold the screw: ball bearing 3/8” ID—7/8” OD)
- Tube: 14mm or 15mm diameter
- Nozzle: we use a full nut with a drilled hole
You will also nedd:
- Pieces of wood
- Jig saw
- Screws, nuts & screw driver


- Thermostat controller (REX-C100)
- Solid State Relay (SSR 40 DA)
- Thermocouple Sensor
You can buy those three parts together.
- Tube holder


(for more details, refer to logs)
We are waiting a new motor.


1.  Do the calibration of the heating process.
2. Produce filament.
3. Create a 2.0 version of our filament maker.
4. Share our final result.

sldprt - 124.56 kB - 06/23/2018 at 09:27


Standard Tesselated Geometry - 29.18 kB - 06/23/2018 at 09:27


sldprt - 110.64 kB - 06/23/2018 at 09:26


Standard Tesselated Geometry - 32.41 kB - 06/23/2018 at 09:27


sldprt - 102.15 kB - 06/23/2018 at 08:28


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  • Prague Maker Faire

    PETMAT z.ú.06/23/2018 at 09:47 0 comments

    On the 23rd of june we are showing our filament maker on PETMAT's stand.
    It's the occasion to discuss and exchange about this project.


    Before the offcial oppening

    We prepared the stand.
    We met fas83 who also work on this kind of machine.

    During the morning
    People demonstrated an interest to our machine and ask us if it's possible to buy our filament. For now we buy b-pet filament from Argentina.

    Prague Maker Faire


    We did get other contacts. We are glady suprised to met a lot of people interested in this project.

    We think about organize a conference with the people we met!

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Ken Yap wrote 03/10/2019 at 00:50 point

Well done! Hope your ideas spread and become available widely. In a related vein I read about this project in the Netherlands to "overfish" the canals:

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