I'm an electronics engineer, actor, and extreme curious

Sydney, Australia
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Things I've Built

Digital Sonomicrometer

A sonomicrometer is an ultrasonic dimensional gauge, capable of measuring distances with micrometric precision at a rate of KHz. MDU is a one channel sonomicrometer specially designed for laboratories with limited budgets.

40-Channel digital electrostimulator

[...] is intended to provide the patient with an electrostimulation pattern that she can understand as the information that is described on her field of view.

MeMOSat 1

MeMOSat is an instrument designed for a CubeSat. The instrument will test and report data from 2 Memristor banks. A Memristor is a memory built from a metal-oxide-metal sandwich and it is supposed to have a great performance in radioactive envir


Digital portable NIBP device implementing the oscilometric method. Calibrated under OIML R 16-2 recommendation.

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