Reinvented Retro Contest

Dust off all your favorite retro things, add in a little inspiration, mix in some modern-day tech, and voila you've got the perfect project!

Tuesday, May 4, 2021 09:00 am PDT - Monday, June 28, 2021 11:59 pm PDT Local time zone:
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This contest has ended and the winners have been announced! Thank you all for participating!

Be sure to check out all the other amazing projects that were submitted!
EBTKS - HP85A/B Tape Drive ReplacementPhilip
MK-52 Resurrectptrav
Microtronic - The Next GenerationMichael Wessel
Honorable Mention: WDC-1 a "Working Digital Computer"Michael Gardi

Presenting Hackaday’s Reinvented Retro Contest! 

Are you a modern-day tech enthusiast who also loves all things retro? Well, have we got the perfect contest for you! 

For this contest, we're looking for projects that are all things retro mixed with modern-day tech. Create a project that bridges the gap between old hardware and new with adapters, connectors, microcontrollers, or anything else you can think of!

Preserve your favorite classic games by making them playable in a whole new way. Love the vintage style? Why not keep the look and ditch the old outdated technology for new innovations. Reinvent classic hardware that’s been discontinued using up-to-date components.

Hackaday and Digi-Key have partnered on this retro-themed prompt to offer three winners a shopping spree to the Digi-Key warehouse!

Don't forget to share your awesome projects on social with #ReinventedRetro


Thanks to our favorite partner Digi-Key, the top three projects will be awarded a $200 shopping spree to the Digi-Key warehouse.

We're on the lookout for the most artistic projects to be featured in the 2022 Digi-Key Calendar. Towards the end of the year, 12 visually stunning projects from our Digi-Key contests will be chosen to be featured in next year's calendar.

Artistic projects from the Earth Day Challenge, the Reinvented Retro Contest, and future 2021 contests will be chosen to select from. These projects will score a $50 gift certificate to Tindie and have a chance to be selected as one of the 12 featured projects in the calendar. 


Need some inspiration? Here are some projects to check out that should get your ideas flowing:

How to Enter

Start a new project on Share images of your project and tell the story of how you designed and built it in the description of your project.

Once you have published your project, look in the right sidebar for the "Submit project to..." menu in order to enter it in Reinvented Retro Contest:

Judging Criteria

Here are some criteria judges will have in mind while reviewing entries:

  • Is your project relevant as a Reinvented Retro project? (example: The Bluetooth Retro(fitted) Radio project is a beautiful 70's radio retrofitted with Bluetooth technology.)
  • How original is the project itself?
  • Does the project page include good photos and/or a video of the project?
  • Does the project have a bill of materials listed in the components section of the project? 
  • How detailed is the documentation?

Reinvented Retro Contest Rules

  • This contest runs 9AM PDT Tuesday, May 4th, 2021 through 11:59PM PST Monday, June 28th, 2021 (here is a handy countdown timer), and projects must be submitted during this timeframe.
  • Sharing schematics, source code, and/or design files are not required, but a huge plus. These will be considered during judging and are a big part of "backstory" and helping us understand your project.
  • Existing projects or projects that were entered in previous Hackaday contests and did not win a prize are eligible for submission as entries in this challenge with the following restrictions:
    • You must update your project page - judges will look at the date the project was updated.
    • The project must have significant additions from when previously entered. Show what makes it unique for this contest.
  • Winners can win...
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mafaan89 wrote 04/15/2023 at 17:57 point

Dear retro and tech enthusiasts,

Thank you for sharing this exciting contest with us! It's great to see the fusion of old and new technology coming together to create something innovative and fun.

The challenge to bridge the gap between old hardware and modern-day tech using adapters, connectors, and microcontrollers sounds like an excellent opportunity to showcase creativity and technical expertise. It's fascinating to think about how vintage hardware can be preserved and revamped for new and exciting purposes.

Moreover, the chance to win a shopping spree to Digi-Key's warehouse is an excellent incentive for anyone interested in electronics and technology. It's a fantastic opportunity to explore and experiment with new components to make your projects even more exciting. 

I'm looking forward to seeing the awesome projects that will come out of this contest and the amazing ways in which people will reinvent retro technology. Don't forget to share your projects on social media using the hashtag #ReinventedRetro to inspire others and showcase your creativity.

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Parterhornbuckleson wrote 06/03/2022 at 05:24 point

Wow, Really amazing. I missed this contest because I was busy in the business meeting of but after reading this whole details. No I am happy that I got the knowledge and information shared in the contest.

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Marek Więcek wrote 05/22/2021 at 13:08 point

What constitute "retro"? Is modern day homemade MP3 player inspired by the early iPods/PDAs "retro" enough? ;)

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Lutetium wrote 05/24/2021 at 21:04 point

Your project can be anything you reinvent and consider to be "retro"!  :)

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jameswilddev wrote 05/05/2021 at 06:56 point

Are there any regional restrictions on entries (e.g. US only)?

  Are you sure? yes | no

Lutetium wrote 05/20/2021 at 20:04 point

Hello, the contest is open to everyone.

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