Chris Miller

Interested in electronics, software, CNC, and renewable energy related projects

Great Falls, Montana
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This user joined on 07/12/2014.

Things I've Built

Laser Spirograph

A red laser diode reflects from two spinning mirrors which are speed controlled by PWM and an Arduino Pro Mini. The laser cut case keeps the stray pew pews inside.

LED wall installation

20x14 APA102C LEDs were hand soldered into a grid mounted onto foil-faced foam insulation. The resulting panels displayed animated effects in a public space for 3 months. Now on display at Bozeman Makerspace, Montana.

Dual 1m POV display installation

Public installation using dual 1 meter spinning LED POV displays. Each runs on a Raspberry Pi and uses 60x LPD8806 LEDs, synchronized with a Hall Effect sensor, C and Python code. Animations and static images were displayed for several months.

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