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Sophi KravitzSophi Kravitz 05/01/2015 at 18:580 Comments

A project idea list is here:
Feel free to suggest some more project ideas!

Medical tricorder check out
for inspiration!
Temperature sensor, bio sensor

Seismic detector
Vibration sensor, data collection via PC

Environmental monitor check out for inspiration
Temp, humidity, CO sensor

Solar light bulb check out for inspiration
Light sensor, solar panel (BYO solar panel)

Gas sensor helmet check out for inspiration
CO sensor, LPG (natural gas) sensor

Smart home energy saver
Temp sensor, moisture sensor, time, camera talk to phone/ computer

Flood sensing check out for inspiration

Automated gardening/ farming
Moisture sensor, timer, Teensy or Arduino

Automated Pill Minder / Reminder Check out for inspiration

Affordable CT (Computer Tomography) Scanner for the masses Check out for inspiration

Ultra Low-Cost Prosthetic Arm which can be built from everyday materials Check out and their own project page at

Open Syringe Pump built for low cost targeting food, medical, and bio applications Check out

Combination Heart Monitor and Auto Dialer for emergency response...Check out

Portable Insulin / Bottle Cooler using a Peltier, Fan, Heatsinks - all very accessible...Check out

Wireless Medical Data Logger with Web Connectivity - Check out

Radiation detector
Geiger Muller tube, Arduino or other microprocessor