93.3k 1.6k 37 550
SatNOGS is an open source ground station and network, optimized for modularity, built using affordable tools and resources.
46.1k 1k 22 390
High Altitude Balloon payload capable of streaming live pictures, gps coordinates, and data telemetry.
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11.5k 1.3k 16 97
A robotic solar-powered surfboard that will travel from LA to Hawaii! It's Arduino-powered, satellite connected, and collects ocean data.
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Rusty Jehangir

19.4k 924 53 72
Send your own hardware to space
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Square Inch To Space

Paul Kocyla

10.8k 204 2 45
A low cost homebrew transponder styled after the Es'hailSat ham payload. S-band to X-Band
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Cheap satellite transponder


6k 282 1 29
The little gadget that lights up whenever the International Space Station is nearby. Now with live HD video.
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ISS-Above HD

Liam Kennedy

7.3k 1.6k 5 25
QubeCast Max is a high powered radio module for PocketQube Satellites, HAB payloads, or anything that needs a small radio transciever.
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QubeCast Max


2.3k 474 8 16
An Electronic Power System in the PocketQube 60 femtosatellite form factor
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PQ60 - EPS


2k 70 3 16
Satellite platform that complies with the CubeSat standard with a BOM cost of <$1K (USD)
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