Jerry Biehler

Too many projects and not enough motivation.

Beaverton, OR
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This user joined on 02/24/2014.

Things I've Built

Hercus CNC Lathe Retrofit

Retrofit of a 1986 Hercus CNC Lathe

Pentax K10d IR Conversion

Conversion of a Pentax k10d to infrared by removing hot filter from sensor and replacing it with a glass IR pass filter.

Construction of a Laser Cutter with a UV DPSS Laser

Construction of a laser cutter from stuff that was never intended to be a laser cutter

Monarch 10EE Lathe Rebuild

Rebuild of a 1942 Monarch 10EE lathe, arguably the best tool room lathe ever built.

Supermax CNC and Monarch Lathe Retrofit

Links to the first retrofit of my CNC mill and servo retrofit on my Monarch Lathe

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