Mitch Sperry

I am a person devoted to creating electronics and helping educate anyone who wants to know more about them.

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This user joined on 10/05/2014.

Things I've Built

DIY Stir Table

Along the lines of homebrewing you sometime need to create what is called a yest starter and to do this you have to mix up many ingredients. This is where the stir table comes in handy. It will help mix these ingredients.

The Cooler Controller

I am a homebrewer and I got into kegging and when you have a freezer that you are going to use as a refrigerator you need some sort of temp control that will be in the 30-40deg F range. So I invented this device.

The Propeller Display

This was a project to make a propeller display with a home made pcb and 5 surface mounted leds.

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