• Next #TindieChat on May 2 : Crowd Funding

    Tindie4 days ago 1 comment

    Tuesday May 2nd @ 1pm PST. Join this project to take part.

    Some sellers test their ideas on Tindie and build up to doing a crowd funding campaign, or complete a campaign and then come over to Tindie to sell excess inventory or second runs. Either way, there's a lot of great options for bringing your project to market.

    We've got @Zach Dunham joining us for May's TindieChat. He's the Design & Technology Outreach Lead at Kickstarter and has a background in hardware and audio arts. He'd love to hear your experiences and can answer any questions that you might have about launching a campaign.

    Also, @Jasmine Brackett from Tindie will be the host and can also provide advice for anyone wondering what to do after their campaigns and selling on TIndie.

    Maybe you've had an incredibly successful campaign and have advice for others? We'd love to hear your tips in this TIndieChat!

    You can post questions in advance on this doc. They can be for Zach, the Tindie Team, or the community in general.

  • Hardware meetup in Nottingham, UK - 14th March

    Jasmine Brackett03/07/2017 at 00:45 0 comments

    Tindie seller @Spencer is starting a monthly meetup in Nottingham. We're sure it will be a fantastic opportunity for hardware entrepreneurs and maker types in the area to share ideas over a beer or two.

    What: Nottingham Hardware Meetup

    Where: Malt Cross, 16 Saint James's Street, Nottingham

    When: Tue, March 14, 2017. 7:30 PM – 10:30 PM GMT

    Register here:


    Description from the eventbrite page:

    • Are you an independant electronics engineer?
    • Do you listen to The Amp Hour podcast?
    • Have you got an amusing story about getting the wrong components from China?
    • Do you have an opion about which is the best PCB fab house?
    • Have you ever sold anything on Tindie?

    If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then why not come along to Nottinghams first Monthly Hardware Meetup on 14th March at the Malt Cross! Bring along your favorite project/hack/kit, some interesting stories that non-hardware types find boring, and a few quid for some of the awesome real ales that the Malt Cross has to offer.

    We've got an upstairs section of this wonderful Victorian Music Hall reserved from 7:30pm, so grab yourself a pint and wander up. You might also want to check out the fantastic menu too.

    The event is completely free to attend (excluding beer or food!), but I've chosen to list it on Eventbrite so that I've got an idea of how many people to expect, and also putting all this info in a 140 character tweet is just not going to work out well!

  • Certifications TindieChat Transcript

    Tindie02/28/2017 at 19:29 0 comments

    The transcript is available here.

    All transcripts for TindieChats will be on the event page:


  • Hackaday and Tindie at SCaLE 15x

    Tindie02/23/2017 at 23:05 0 comments

    SCaLE is on from 2-5th March in Pasadena, CA. We'll be in the Expo Hall Friday, Saturday, Sunday. More details here: https://hackaday.io/event/20013-hackaday-and-tindie-at-scale-15x

  • Next #TindieChat Feb 28, 2017 - Certifications - FCC, OSH, CE, and more!

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    Next #TindieChat is about Certifications - FCC, OSH, CE, and more.

    If you've had experience or are an expert, let us know!

  • HackChat February 3, 12PM PT

    Shulie Tornel02/02/2017 at 16:04 2 comments

    Make electronics and custom creations and sell them on Tindie.com!

    This HackChat is for sellers, wanna-be sellers, buyers and Tindie-curious.

    Come hang out for 30 minutes and talk to us about how to get started and the best way to get eyes on your custom electronic bits.

    We'll be be discussing the different ways you can optimize marketing and finding the right buyers for your products.

    We're meeting here in the Tindie Dog Park chat at 12p PST Friday February 3rd, join us!

    (You need to join this project to be able to take part. Click on "Request to join this Project" and we'll add you)

  • HackChat January 20th 9AM PST

    Tindie01/13/2017 at 19:36 1 comment

    Want to quit your day job and make electronics, or just building awesome things? Start on Tindie.com!

    This HackChat is for sellers, wanna-be sellers, buyers and Tindie-curious.

    Come hang out for 30 minutes and talk to us about how to get started.

    We'll have a couple of sellers sharing popular products and a Q&A so you can ask them what works and what doesn't.

    We're meeting on the Hacker Channel at 9a PST Friday January 20th, join us!

    (You need to join the Hacker Channel project to be able to take part)

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