Elliot Goofe

I like to rip apart electronics and harvest their innards for my Frankenstein robots. I also make portable devices 'n stuff!

Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Things I've Built

RetroPie Futureboy (Hack Like Heck Contest Entry)

PRESENTING THE FUTUREBOY! The Most Advanced Gameboy to date! By taking alien hologram tech from the year 2085 and disguising it in a commonly seen household game casing, you are no longer limited to small LCD's, or hooking up to a giant TV.

Attiny85 UFO Escape Micro Handheld Game

This project was my first time programming with Attiny85. It runs off a micro usb rechargeable Lipo and has an OLED LCD, speaker, springy tactile buttons, and magnetic battery door for maintenance. Less than 2" tall. The game is like flappybird.

RasPiP: Raspberry Pi B+ Portable Slate Computer

This project has a page of it's own. Check out the build process pictures! My little PiP is one hell of a fighter. The battery is really long lasting. And after a few touchscreen mishaps, it is now working really well! I have a carrying case.

Xbox360 Slim Pelican Case Laptop

This was one I wish I had finished. I took apart a 360s and a 20" 720p lcd then mounted it into a pelican case. I ran off of original power wall adapter and had wifi and speakers. Sold before fully complete.

Nobble64 Mk.2

After receiving a few N64 consoles I decided to give it another go. This one turned out much more clean. Full access to 4 controller ports on bottom and TV out, it could turn back into a home console. N64 logo is start on both portables I built.

Nobble64 Portable Nintendo 64

My first N64 build. This was originally going to have a gamecube C stick but it didn't end up working the way planned. Used tact switch as last resort. Soldered expansion pack directly to the board. Built in Lipo, LOB64 port. Led mod PS1 screen.

SNES Portable

This was built off of a snes mini board and housed the cartridge slot on the back, player 2 controller port on top, powered off of an external battery pack that plugged into unit.

Portable Videogame Consoles

I have built a few portable gaming systems in the past, namely the SNES, N64, Xbox 360 laptop, and other on-the-go electronic handhelds. I also have derped around with Gameboys adding lighting/sound mods and use with a LSDJ keyboard. :D

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