Robots don't hear sounds, they hear sounds!

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Like humans, machines don't hear sounds, they actually hear sounds. They don't feel the heat, they actually feel the heat. They don't move, they can actually move even without neural (mental) interventions. All of these things happen due to the phenomenon Joey Lawsin called Generated Emergence.

Generated Emergence is an intermediate subject of Autognorics that deals with natural occurrences produced by intuitive objects, intuitive networks, intuitive machines, intuitive states, intuitive forms, and other intuitive systems.

Intuitiveness is the ability of an object to generate a parameter, a distinct attribute of its own, through embedded inscription and structural design.

Lawsin classified things as Physicals and Abstracts. Physicals are made up of materials and by-materials. In the macro world, things with mass are classed as materials. Things generated by materials are classed as by-materials. Things like apples, rocks, air, water, fire are examples of materials. Things like temperature, pressure, gravity, electricity are examples of by-materials. By-materials emerge because material things exist. In simple terms, there must be at least two of something to exist. As a side note, The Theory of Singularity (Big Bang theory) is totally misguided because it does not conform with the principles of Generated Emergence.

Life, consciousness, thoughts, emotions, animations, music, colors, senses are some examples of generated parameters called emergents. Emergents are like a mirage. We sense or perceive them as if they are there but not there. They are latent emergents.

Software is an example of a latent emergent that is, in reality, is an illusion. It doesn't exist until activated. The letters, colors, pictures, and motions on your computer monitor are all but illusions. They don't exist. Everything in the computer world is all but hardware. Software is the by-material, while the hardware is the material.

"The Intelligence of Mathematics existed first 

before the Intelligence of the Mind.”" ~ Joey Lawsin

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