Led Pixels as wall decoration in a Pub

600 animated LED pixels as wall decoration for an industrial-feel cocktail bar - done with Arduino and WS2801 pixels

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We have made a wall decoration in a pub called "The Soviet", a Russian themed cocktail bar in Cluj-Napoca with an industrial feel from the USSR days. The pixels were wrapped around old movie reels giving them a discreet glow-effect. We then animated the pixels to give the appearance of the reels turning.

The challenge was in powering these puppies. We have accidentally purchased 5V LED strips drawing a combined 30 Amps (~150Watts) of power (when turned to full white / max brightness). We have ended up individually powering strips of 30 cm, because if we were to put the whole 30 amps on the whole 10 meter of strips - even if both ends were connected - the LEDs on each end would wear out and loose colour in about a couple of days.

The power source is a modified ATX power supply that really does the job well.


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