Idea Essentials

Idea Essentials is an online tool that creates a customized roadmap to enable anyone to develop any idea from concept to market.

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Developing ideas is challenging! And when w have one, we just want to jump right in...not spend a bunch of time learning about the process. So my idea is for an online tool called Idea Essentials that will enable anyone with any idea to answer some questions and get a customized roadmap detailing how to take their idea from concept to market, to include building a company around the idea and preparing it for funding.

The process itself will be based on years of research I have conducted and will incorporate principles from lean startup, TRIZ, Human Centered Design, Design Thinking, Stage Gate, and many others. It will also be evolutionary and dynamic as users can submit suggestions and changes.

Resources will be introduced with each step to help users when they need it. Reports such as Scope of Works, Executive Summaries, Investor Reports, etc. will be automatically populated with user information about their project and exportable.

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