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Los Angeles, California
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Things I've Built

Raphael Robot Hand

I worked with other undergraduate students to design and build the Raphael Robot Hand.

CHARLI Humanoid Robot

I lead a team of undergraduates to build the first CHARLI humanoid robot at Virginia Tech. CHARLI was the first autonomous full scale humanoid in the US.

Falcon Heavy Lift System

I designed and oversaw construction of the lift system for falcon heavy at Vandenberg Air Force Base SL-4E for SpaceX

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Mike Bechek wrote 03/09/2016 at 01:37 point

March 8, 2016

Hi there,
This project looks super interesting. My startup out of Harvard Business School ( is looking to work with someone ASAP on something similar -- would you be interested in having a call with me and my team? Please e-mail me at mbechek(at)
The project consists of integrating a matrix of LEDs into a Tshirt with the goal of displaying the text and images on the Tshirt. The content displayed on the LEDs will be controlled from the user’s phone via an app that connects through Bluetooth to a microcontroller located in the Tshirt. The initial functionality of the project as well as the hardware and software architecture will be very similar to the one showed here:

However a few minor changes will be introduced. The major ones being: i) a customized app; ii) a Bluetooth link through the UART port of ATmega microcontroller instead of SPI; iii) possibility of displaying images (not for initial release).

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J3TTBlack88 wrote 04/19/2014 at 09:33 point
Thanks for following our little Mouse droid project

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Guus van der Sluijs wrote 04/16/2014 at 07:29 point
Many thanks for the skull to M.A.R.S.

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