learn to solder kit, through hole+SMD, interactive art !

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"learn to solder kit, through hole+SMD, interactive art"

I plan to do a series of "learn to solder" workshops at my local makerspace @MakersAsylum. Each board is 1 inch square and consists a handful of components. An LDR, LED, Transistor and a few passives. 10 parts in all. By itself, each board lights up the LED when the LDR goes dark and vice versa. By combining a large number of these boards in a matrix, we hope to build some sore of an interactive installation.

Inspiration for this project came via Asylum member Karmanya Agarwal who pointed me to this Video


A single board, when powered up, reacts to Light, lighting up the LED when the LDR is dark. We hope putting together a whole matrix of these boards will create an interesting installation. To build the matrix, here's my idea :

  1. Take a base board, MDF or Acrylic works, any thickness.
  2. Stick strips of copper foil tape. The pitch (spacing between copper tape columns) is 1 inch
  3. Fix 2 pin female right angle headers to the existing 2 pin male headers on the MAP2 boards. Then place the board over the copper tapes, and then solder the female right angle holders.
  4. Keep building the matrix.
  5. Connect alternate columns of the copper tape to the 5V power supply.
  6. An ATX power supply from an old computer can provide almost 20Amps or more. Each MAP2 board draws about 10mA. We can drive a lot of boards.


Bill of Materials for MAP2. On the second page are the SMD parts needed if you want to build the SMD version.

Adobe Portable Document Format - 214.16 kB - 03/26/2016 at 05:46


  • 1 × C1 100uF Capacitor, Electrolytic, Aluminum, 100uF, 16V, RADIAL 6.3mm dia.Capacitors / Other
  • 2 × C2, C3 47uF Capacitor, Electrolytic, Aluminum, 47uF, 16V, RADIAL 6.3mm dia.
  • 1 × D1 LED LED, Round, Domed top, 5mm, White Clear,
  • 4 × P1, P2, P4, P5 5V / GND "Header, Male, Right Angle, Strips of 20 pins, Require 4 for each board"
  • 1 × Q1 2N2222 Transistor, NPN, 2N2222, TO-92

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  • First bunch of MAP2 boards assembled

    Anool Mahidharia02/18/2018 at 15:52 0 comments

    It took a while, but I finally managed to assemble the first trial bunch of MAP2 boards. I took a piece of copper clad laminate, made roughly half inch wide tracks by cutting off a strip about a sixteenth of a inch between them, drilled holes, and assembled the boards on them using short threaded standoffs. The half inch wide tracks alternate between [+] and [-] , so I wired up all the positive and negative ones.

    Here's a video of the 20 assembled boards, powered from a 5V DC source.

  • MAP2 board first module assembled

    Anool Mahidharia03/25/2016 at 12:17 0 comments

    It's just a couple of parts, so assembling the first module took under 15 minutes. It works as planned. Now we got to see how a Soldering workshop goes. And after that, how a number of these modules react with each other in a large matrix.

  • MAP2 Boards have arrived

    Anool Mahidharia03/25/2016 at 08:41 0 comments

    I ordered out 20 nos. of MAP2 boards via PCBpower in Ahmedabad for INR1500/- (around $23), and got them today, 3 weeks later. Hopefully, we will receive the parts too at the Maker's Asylum today. We'll assemble a few, and then leave the rest for a "Learn to Solder" workshop during Genuino Day on April 2nd.

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