BGA & SMT Soldering Workshop

This board is for a workshop I'm doing showing folks how to do some soldering using stencils, PnP machine, by hand and with hot air.

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6x different PCBs in the set, including a really cool breadboard power supply with fixed 5V and an adj regulator (unique to each side), some BGA-PCBs with BGA pads on the bottom side and LEDs on the top (we'll reball these and then solder them onto a carrier PCB which is a breakout board in a DIP package..the LEDs are there to make it easy to test), a "simple" 8x LED board in a DIP package using SMT parts (we'll start with 1206's). I have stencils all of this as well. We will be using solder paste (mostly) though there's some thru-hole work to be done and a few other things that we'll have to work thru.

I've uploaded some early screenshots of the boards (there's 6 PCBs in there, not yet panelized, will be V-Scored). 1x LEDs in a DIP package, 1x Breadboard Power Supply, 3x BGA-PCBs, and 1x carrier for these BGA board that breaks out to a DIP package. Forgive the fact that I was lazy and haven't done the full 3D model for all parts

Tthere are 6 boards here that are V-scored to break away. Left side is simple dip package module with some LEDs to get your feet wet soldering. the center board is a power supply for the breadboard and the right-most two columns incl. 3x BGA-PCBs (a pcb with BGA pads on the bottom) and a PCB that carries two of these 3 smaller modules.

Below is the power supply. Instead of doing two fixed voltages like the YwRobot boards, I put J4 and J6 on the board as 4-pin female headers. The outer two pins are connected and they allow you to put different resistors in to regulate the output of the second regulator to another voltage (could be 3.3, but could also be 2.5 or 1.8, etc)

The next 3 boards are BGA-PCBs or basically a PCB with BGA pads on the bottom side, that when you reball them, allows you to make board to board connnections without connectors. On the top side of these (in red) are LEDs, that enable us to confirm if the soldering was done properly and the connections are good.

The LEDs and resistors for the image above are all 0805s and we'll stencil these and make sure we get them reballed on the bottom side after the top side parts are in place.

Lastly is the carrier for the BGA parts. This is just landing areas for the BGA-PCBs and a breakout to a standard DIP package for the breadboard. It's a useful way to connect boards together when the boards are small enough (so warping doesn't kill it) and there is enough room on the child-board to be able to encapsulate some capability.

All of the schematics and PCB files can be found in the Github repo and are available without license to do with whatever you wish. Enjoy!

  • Boards sent off to fab, stencils ordered

    technolomaniac09/25/2015 at 22:26 0 comments

    Boards went off to Fab for this and the stencils have been ordered. Paste is in the fridge at my house (yes, keep it in the fridge...if it gets warm it gets too gooey). The "PCB" is really a panel that is V-Scored to break off the various PCBs. There are 6 boards in this set. See the desc for details on the boards. I love using BGA-PCBs for board-to-board connections without connectors. They are reliable and easy to solder if you keep the pitch large enough (>= 0.8mm). These are 1mm and easy to reball and reflow.

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technolomaniac wrote 10/01/2015 at 22:21 point

ooh, for sure!   I have a stickvise here so I think I just need the jaws, no?

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Alex Rich wrote 10/02/2015 at 00:02 point
Yeah basically. I would bet you could do a lot of work with the nylon jaws as long as you hang the board off the side a bit. But with PTFE jaws you'll be able to nail it directly. I will get some bar stock on order and make a few sets in the next week or two.

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Alex Rich wrote 10/01/2015 at 19:37 point

Good opportunity to test PTFE Stickvise jaws when you are doing hot air work on the BGAs.  You want me to machine you a prototype set?

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