Paxcounter is a proof-of-concept device for metering passenger flows in realtime. It counts how many mobile devices are around.

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Paxcounter is a proof-of-concept device for metering passenger flows in realtime. It counts how many mobile devices are around. This gives an estimation how many people are around. Paxcounter detects Wifi and Bluetooth signals in the air, focusing on mobile devices by filtering vendor OUIs in the MAC adress.

Intention of this project is to do this without intrusion in privacy: You don't need to track people owned devices, if you just want to count them. Therefore, Paxcounter does not persistenly store MAC adresses and does no kind of fingerprinting the scanned devices.

Bonus of this project is that metered data is transferred via a LoRaWAN network, not via usual GSM/LTE or Wifi uplink.

You can build this project battery powered and reach a full day uptime with a single 18650 Li-Ion cell.

This can all be done with a single small and cheap ESP32 board for less than $20.

Currently supported IoT boards:

  • Heltec LoRa-32
  • TTGOv1
  • TTGOv2
  • Pycom LoPy
  • Pycom LoPy4
  • WeMos LoLin32 / LoLin32 lite with LoRa shield

  • 1 × Heltec LoRa 32

  • 1
    Read the legal notes!

    Read the legal notes and check with country's law, if you are eligible to run the code

  • 2
    Download code

    Download code from project's repository on github

  • 3
    Build and upload code

    1.  Download PlatformIO and install it with your preferred IDE for development and building code.

    2. If you want to use LoRaWAN network, create /src/loraconf.h from /src/loraconf.sample.h and insert your personal network access keys.

    3. Compile code with PlatformIO. Dependencies will automatically install.

    4. Upload code to ESP32 board.

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jonathan payne wrote 12/05/2019 at 18:14 point

Hi, i have been doing some playing with a similar project idea, you know the andeas spiess person detector. i have altered the node-red code to obtain the list of known devices from the arp and just display macs and times for devices not known - or by implication visitor or intruder.

Now i have just been made aware of you project and am quite excited about creating a congregation size tracker for church and again my first thought is to filter out those with wifi access (staff) and the arp method seems a good fit. i have searched a bit for arp on an esp but not seen anything, I am going to try to clone andeas git and add my alterations (new to me!) if it would be of value to you let me know - maybe, probably the idea is all you need!

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