Quantity   Component name
1 × Arduino Mega To act as master, sends postional data out to all microcontollers over serial comms
1 × Shield Board for Arduino Mega I designed a shield board that adds all the functions for orientation, navigation, communication, and servo driving to one stack
1 × Custom Orientation/Navigation Board (see www.ranarchy.org) Will be posting this schematic and parts list as I get it built. Has GPS, compass, accelerometers...
1 × Vlad's Hexabot Design from GrabCad Have redesigned vertually everything from this design, but it's still basically Vlad's concept of a Hexapod
1 × micro-extruder of pretty much my own design vacuum-jacketted to conserve energy, a real screw-type extruder
1 × FM Modem Using those cheap 433 MHz FSK modems to communicate with the Central Processing Computer
6 × HS-81 servos To support the Bot, and swing the legs
2 × Omega KHLV-0502 Kapton heater for the extruder heating element to turn ABS to putty
6 × F6-14M Thrust Bearings Each Leg needs a thrust Bearing between it and the Spyder Chassis. http://www.astbearings.com/product.html?product=F6-14M
14 × SG-90 micro-servos Two on each leg, they move the legs up and down, and make the foot grip the structure being built. Two are used in the extruder to pitch and roll the extruder nozzle.
1 × Mabuchi RC-280SA DC motor This turns the screw thread in the extruder
1 × Extruder Printed Circuit Board (my design) Controls the motor and heater wuing an Arduino Nano, measures temp, moves extruder through three degrees of freedom
3 × Linear Bearings for 4mm shaft Provide alignment for translating the extruder up and down
1 × GS-9257MG Continuous Servo Turns an M4 threaded rod to translate the extruder up and down.
2 × GT2 Belt Pulleys from RepRap Mendel Transfer rotation from translation servo to threaded rod
2 × Panasonic EVWA 10K Pots Sense the rotation of the extruder