MEGA65 is an open-source new and open C65-like computer.
Hardware designs and software are open-source (LGPL).

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Real Specifications:

  1. Fits original case (some connector holes differ)
  2. HDMI using ADV7511
  3. Analog VGA DB15
  4. Serial Port DIN-6
  5. Cartridge Slot
  6. Dual JOY DB9
  7. Power Switch similar to original
  8. Reset button similar to original
  9. Flex connector for keyboard
  10. Duplicated keyboard connector as IDC connector
  11. Floppy disc connector
  12. One 50 Pin XMOD Connector, 42 FPGA I/O
  13. 3 PMOD's
  14. RJ45, Ethernet 100Mbit (optional feature)
  15. Audio output 3.5mm Jack

  • 1 × Artix A200T FPGA
  • 1 × ADV7125 Data Converters / Digital to Analog Converters (DACs)
  • 1 × ADV7511 Video, Graphics and Imaging ICs / DVI-HDMI Interface, Receivers, Transceivers
  • 1 × S25FL256SAGBHI20 Memory ICs / FLASH Memory

  • Flashing it!

    Antti Lukats04/27/2017 at 18:08 0 comments

    Step 1: Open Vivado Hardware Manager (and yes this is not Impact!)

    Step 2: Click on Auto Connect Icon

    Step 3: Right click on xc7a200, select "Add Configuration Memory Device"

    Step 4: Select Spansion, 256, part: s25fl256xxxxxxxxxxxx0

    Step 5: Select MCS file to flash, click OK

    and wait 3 minutes :)

    set_property PROGRAM.ADDRESS_RANGE {use_file} [ get_property PROGRAM.HW_CFGMEM [lindex [get_hw_devices] 0 ]]

    set_property PROGRAM.FILES [list "B:/book/retro/mega65r1-20170417.mcs" ] [ get_property PROGRAM.HW_CFGMEM [lindex [get_hw_devices] 0]]

    set_property PROGRAM.UNUSED_PIN_TERMINATION {pull-none} [ get_property PROGRAM.HW_CFGMEM [lindex [get_hw_devices] 0 ]]

    set_property PROGRAM.BLANK_CHECK 0 [ get_property PROGRAM.HW_CFGMEM [lindex [get_hw_devices] 0 ]]

    set_property PROGRAM.ERASE 1 [ get_property PROGRAM.HW_CFGMEM [lindex [get_hw_devices] 0 ]]

    set_property PROGRAM.CFG_PROGRAM 1 [ get_property PROGRAM.HW_CFGMEM [lindex [get_hw_devices] 0 ]]

    set_property PROGRAM.VERIFY 1 [ get_property PROGRAM.HW_CFGMEM [lindex [get_hw_devices] 0 ]]

    set_property PROGRAM.CHECKSUM 0 [ get_property PROGRAM.HW_CFGMEM [lindex [get_hw_devices] 0 ]]


    if {![string equal [get_property PROGRAM.HW_CFGMEM_TYPE [lindex [get_hw_devices] 0]] [get_property MEM_TYPE [get_property CFGMEM_PART [get_property PROGRAM.HW_CFGMEM [lindex [get_hw_devices] 0 ]]]]] } { create_hw_bitstream -hw_device [lindex [get_hw_devices] 0] [get_property PROGRAM.HW_CFGMEM_BITFILE [ lindex [get_hw_devices] 0]]; program_hw_devices [lindex [get_hw_devices] 0]; };

    INFO: [Labtools 27-3164] End of startup status: HIGH

    program_hw_cfgmem -hw_cfgmem [get_property PROGRAM.HW_CFGMEM [lindex [get_hw_devices] 0 ]]

    Mfg ID : 1 Memory Type : 2 Memory Capacity : 19 Device ID 1 : 0 Device ID 2 : 0

    Performing Erase Operation...

    Erase Operation successful.

    Performing Program and Verify Operations...

    Program/Verify Operation successful.

    INFO: [Labtoolstcl 44-377] Flash programming completed successfully

    program_hw_cfgmem: Time (s): cpu = 00:00:04 ; elapsed = 00:03:37 . Memory (MB): peak = 967.859 ; gain = 12.652


  • Micro Python, here it comes.. again

    Antti Lukats04/26/2017 at 18:37 1 comment

    This is just a demo of very old micropython port for MicroBlaze, it is running on MEGA65 PCB rev 1 board with 1Mbyte RAM mapped as system memory.

    Mouse programmed SoC on MEGA65, big picture in Vivado IPI.

  • C65 is alive... again )

    Antti Lukats04/17/2017 at 17:39 2 comments

    Back home from reVISION, trying out latest bit stream from MEGA65 team, and here we are up and running. Need find a keyboard now !!

  • VGA here it comes...

    Antti Lukats04/12/2017 at 19:25 0 comments

    Ready for testing...

    Why is the image on the Display so dimmed? Well what would you expect if you tie BLANK input of VIDEO DAC to static value?

    Found and fixed, much better now. The image on Display is actually pretty sharp, the handy camera snapshot is not the best.


    Antti Lukats04/12/2017 at 13:18 0 comments

    Close timing, the board is alive, LED's are working, FPGA is booting from SPI Flash. Now the fun can begin.

  • Waiting for PCB...

    Antti Lukats04/11/2017 at 14:11 0 comments

    Excited the PCB should arrive tomorrow before 0900 !

    A fresh new Commodore since what year? ;)

  • reVISION here comes Xilinx FPGA...

    Antti Lukats04/07/2017 at 09:18 0 comments

    We submitted the files to Brandner PCB only about 57 minutes after the official urgent order deadline:

    This is how it looks. PCB is in production, expect delivery from fab next tuesday, so delivery on 3rd working day from day of order. Ah yes we have to produce it then on Wednesday and ship on Thursday latest to reach the party in time..

    And yes we did rush so much to be ready for reVISION party 2017 ...

    Funny is that reVISION is also Xilinx new brand name, I happened to be at reVISON Summit 2017 in Nürnberg and was captured there next to an cobot:

    I guess the reVISION in Saarbrücken would be fun too. Well if not me than the MEGA65 PCB should get there this year.

  • 2 hours for PCB deadline

    Antti Lukats04/07/2017 at 05:38 0 comments

    time is running up:

    We had to make some executive decisions, as we did run out of FPGA IO pins, one the of 50 pin IDC headers for user extension was swapped in favor to 3 PMOD connectors.

  • PCB Progress

    Antti Lukats04/04/2017 at 07:23 0 comments

    All connectors placed, PCB outline fixed also. Routing left.

  • Youtube video link, interview in german

    Antti Lukats04/17/2016 at 19:04 0 comments

    Published on 8 Apr 2016

    Das Projekt MEGA65 des Museum for Electronic Games & Art will den nie erschienenen Commodore C65 auf den Markt bringen. Detlef erzählt auch im Retroblah-Interview was zum letzten großen 8Bit-Rechner und den aktuellen Stand des Projekts.

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