Basically, I am Planning to make drone(quadcopter) using arduino 101. I am also considering to use Raspberry pi 2. I am planning it to be autonomous and RC controlled as well. Regarding the specific tasks of autonomous i am thinking about it.

Feel free to suggest me the autonomous tasks that can be done by drone. It could also be for example, using GPS location sending feed to drone and drone gets there but I have less knowledge regarding GPS setting and in that field but programming arduino I think I am not new to it.

You can send me ideas or comments. Tell me about new ways of doing things and I will upload videos and pictures and comments about progress of project.


* Motor and propeller
*Arduino board (or might also use raspberry pie)

*ESC (Electronic speed controller) with UBEC
*RC controller (transmitter + receiver)
*Battery (LI-po)
*I am planning to 3D print the frames

*Seriou programming

*GPS knowledge

Suggestions are welcome

Feel free to comment or send me HACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!