Compost Power

A compost pile gets up to 140 deg for days and you can harvest that heat and turn it to electricity for later use.

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Almost anywhere you go in the world has some form of organic mater that you can composted. If there is a way to harvest that power you could bring electricity to billions of people in remote locations and your waste product is composted soil ready to grow food. For the past month I have been trying to come up with a device to capture that heat and turn it into electricity. My latest prototype that I have designed uses 4 peltier junctions with 2 cooling pipes. The electricity is stored in a on board battery pack and it also has a 120 volt 150 watt inverter for easy use. The battery system is 4 A123 cells that can discharge up to 150 amps at 12volts.

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Jamie wrote 11/11/2016 at 16:22 point

I would like to try building this-- can you give more step by step the pictures shows up blurry on my screen. Thank

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