Jesse Ransom

Madison, Wisconsin
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Things I've Built

Black Beauty

made this in a few days and it was one of the fastest cars in the 2012 powerwheels season. This car can also be seen on the cover of Make vol33 and is currently is hanging at sector67


A humanoid robot and Its a work in progress

lighted bean bag game

a string of leds around the ring so night playing is awesome

general foam stuff

Its not really a project but a collaboration of stuff that I carved from foam. The space shuttle has been to the edge of space and footage from that has been stolen and used many times lol ;)

Planet Express ship

Weather balloon package carved from foam. This is currently floating in lake Michigan and I have a build video using google glass ;)

Cast Iron Terminator head

sculpted this in a few hours and cast him in Iron. Lots of fun

100 dollar e-bike

yeah this is super cheap. the motor and controller come from a broken razor scooter off craigslist and the batteries are lipo 30v 6Ah from hobbyking. I am currently recovering from this project as it goes to fast and have crashed it twice.

Margarita shaker bike

made this for a local restraint in 2013. the back wheel moves the box up and down to shake the drinks.


made from a mustang starter motor and a homemade motor controller i raced this in powerwheels and had a hackaday written on it.

mysterious floating cranes

The paper cranes are coated in a hydrophobic material and weighted to float perfectly between oil and water

porsch coffee table

made from all reclaimed materials from the diamond plate to the engine

The Choper

The mod on this is the batteries. this is a ev made from old laptop batteries. The 1c discharge was a killer.

Kill Toaster

A toaster turned into a battle bot


This is a rov project that used 4 harbor freight bilge pumps

Alien head

This guy could open its jaw and move its small mouth out with two pull strings

Predator costume

This predator costume I made had everything from a animatronic canon and real 3 beam lasers to blades that shot out of the wrists. I learned many things building this suit.


This was a quick and dirty made super cheap Crow and Tom Servo from MST3000 and was pretty fun making.

space helmet

This was for Halloween in 2010 I think and the backpack housed a fan that produced a positive airflow into the helmet so no fogging occurred.

Electrified door handles

using a cheap bug zapper from harbor freight I integrated it into my cars door handles so I can turn them on from a flip of the switch inside the car.

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