Quantity   Component name
1 × silicone, approx 100ml silone with a high shore A value (eg. shore A 45 which is quiet hard but still flexible)
1 × bodyinteraction vibrator development board or similair small Arduino board with accelerometer (e.g. BMA020), motor driver,optional RFM12b
1 × wireless charging module charging sender and reciever module with a small coil, eg. from Seeedstudio
1 × 3d printed form form for silicone molding
1 × 3d printed enclosure for hosting the board and LiPo
1 × LiPo, small, 3,7 V, 1 cell, 1C, approx. 200 mA power for the board
1 × Vibration motor, encapsuled, 1.5V
1 × 3d printed mounting the enclosure must be mounted in the middle of the form before overmolding
1 × USB connector USB Type A to USB micro connector (like used for charging smartphones)
1 × Optional: 3d printed enclosure for charging station