Underground Technology

Room in which you can underground things

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1) Underground Basket

Its kind of hole at the corner of the floor like where baskets are usually placed. That h that can be opened and closed by using a slab. Upon pressing button slab moves hence open the mouth of the hole . After putting in it garbage we again press button to close the mouth of the hole. This functionality serves as as automated underground basket system.

See Figures attached

2) Underground Table

Table placed on a piece of a floor that has feature that it can move downwards with things on it and slab moves to cover that piece of the floor. Now using this concept we can also underground bed or any other thing which we want

See Figures attached

Plus this room can be converted into empty room so that person can re-arrange things according to his choice without moving the things already there.

Like the bed , table chair when hided by the using underground technology then we can put new things on the floor to give it new arrangement.

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