Laser-Cut Rocket Model Kit & RGB LED Dev Board

The Zifnu Rocket Kit #1 combines model making and electronics to create a fun-to-build kit that is designed to inspire and educate.

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A fun-to-build kit that combines a laser-cut display model of a streamlined idealistic 20th century rocket ship with launchpad, and a microcontroller-controlled RGB LED Development Board with 21-key Infrared remote control, to create an illuminated model that is designed to inspire and educate.

Currently on Kickstarter to fund first production run:

Open-source model and RGB LED Development Board.

The part sheets for the rocket and launchpad model are laser-cut from premium unfinished multi-ply cross-woven Carbonized Bamboo sheets. Besides the standard build with the RGB LED Development Board, there are 3 optional builds (non-illuminated model, CCFL Lamp, & Table Lamp Base)

The RGB LED Development Board has a purpose and has some base functionality to build upon. Right out of the box it can be used as an accent or night light that is capable of reproducing over 3000 unique colors (firmware upgradeable to over 16M colors). It has been designed to be upgraded, augmented, and other wise hacked to suit your needs, wants, or desires. It's use is not limited to just the illumination of the rocket & launchpad kit, you could easily use the board to illuminate your own design.

  • 1 × Microchip PIC16F1455 Microcontroller
  • 1 × Micrel MIC2876 DC-DC Boost Regulator
  • 1 × Vishay TSOP34438 IR Receiver
  • 4 × WS2812B Serially Addressable RGB LED

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