12V Power Supply from 2xAA

Here is an idea for using two AA batteries to get a 12V power supply.

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At first we were working on a project about a portable stereo speaker but we had no good battery appropriate to our circuit. So, based on the LT1302 documentation, we designed this 2xAA power circuit to get 12V for the amplifiers.

This 12V power supply is based on the LT1302. It should be capable to power some Portable Stereo Speakers we are working on. With a theoretical 120mA output, it can power many things else.


Circuit diagram of the power supply.

Portable Network Graphics (PNG) - 283.76 kB - 05/13/2016 at 14:19


  • 1 × Resistance 866k, 1/4W, 5%
  • 1 × Capacitor 100pF, 50V
  • 1 × Capacitor 22nF, 50V
  • 1 × Capacitor 0,1µF, 10V
  • 2 × Capacitor 33µF, 10V

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  • LT1302 vs. LT1302-5

    Antoine05/13/2016 at 14:57 0 comments

    For my first try, the output was about 30V! Far more than the attended 12V.

    It appears that I am not using a LT1302 but a LT1302-5 for which some R4 and R5 are internally mounted. So, if you are using a LT1302-5 too, remove R4 and use a 570k resistor for R5.

    (There is an intern 315k resistor so 315k + 570k ≈ 866k.)

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