Modular cartesian machines

A serie of 3 cartesian machine: plotter XY, cnc mill and a 3d printer, with a DIY, modular, all printable and cheap system

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The concept is use a unique basic module to make diferent devices. Only change some dimension, reconfigure the module to adapt it for a different use. A few 3d printable pieces are added to especial functions. Open hardware, open software, all printable, that's all.

In my blog  : I post de details for build  this plotter. This blog is in spanish. I try to post here in english. Apologize me for the mistakes.

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    Step 1

    Project's background. 

    The project must be: 

    - Modular 

    -Pieces Not metallic : printables 

    - Pieces metallic: cheap and easy to find 

    - Open Hardware ( mechanical parts and electronics parts). 

    - Open Software. 

    When We say MODULAR, We say that the construction of the mechanical part must be solved with a module or with a limited number of modules those who will be assembled as we needed. These modules must follow too the background of the project and must be resized easily without changing his characteristics. As we advance in the development of the project we will explain about this concepts.

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    Step 2

    This one is the basic module that I use for the construction of the plotter XY and that I will use also for the next projects. You can see that it's the same structure of the axis Y of the 3D printer Prusa I3. Also it is possible to observe that to change the width or the length of the structure we only need to change the bar's size and the belt's size.

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    Step 3

    Here, the basic module modified to be used as axis X of the plotter. It is exactly the same structure only the size of the rods has been modified and we have exactly those that we needed and keeping strictly background's rules.

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Samuel Wittman wrote 05/19/2014 at 16:49 point
I like the idea. I look forward to details.

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