Big Delta 3D Printer

True Delta Kinematics. Now Bigger and Better.

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Here at Tropical Labs, we have a wonderful workhorse 3D printer in our Coffee Maker Delta 3D Printer. Using the lessons learned in this project, we've kept innovating, designing a bigger and more precise printer.

This project is the experimental continuation of the #Coffee Maker Delta 3D Printer, aiming for greater build volume and finer print resolution.

Initial improvements include longer arms for greater build volume and gearing down the motors 5:1. More improvements to follow.

This project is slated for an eventual collaboration with the #Mechaduino project, bringing you a 3D printer with closed loop true delta style kinematics. That's right: no more skipped steps, no more endstops.

  • 1 × Arduino Mega 2560 the brains of the operation
  • 1 × Ramps 1.4 popular 3d printer shield for arduino mega
  • 4 × A4988 Stepper Motor Driver Carrier these plug in to the ramps boar and power the steppers
  • 4 × Nema 17 stepper motors I used 0.9 degree steppers
  • 3 × Home switchess optical or otherwise

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  • Gearing Down the Arms

    Will Church05/31/2016 at 00:08 0 comments

    The long arms in the delta mechanism amplify the quantization from the stepper motors, resulting in ridges on the surface of printed parts. To combat this effect and increase print resolution, we added 5:1 gears to the motors using GT-2 belts. The roughly designed prototype:

    This modification was a total success, there is no discernible "ridging" from the motors anymore. The new mechanism in action (but out of frame).

  • Initial Build

    Will Church05/30/2016 at 23:43 0 comments

    The initial build was merely a larger version of the #Coffee Maker Delta 3D Printer, with longer arms and without the physical constraints of the coffee maker (or the charm).

    Build photos:

    Success! A working printer!

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Gerd wrote 10/02/2016 at 08:25 point

Hi, could you say something about the firmware you use?


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johnowhitaker wrote 06/06/2016 at 19:12 point

Love this! And the fan in the mug makes that photo so much cooler. 

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