Motivation 2 – Gathering Measured Data

A project log for SENSEation

Modular sensing platform for research

Mario FreiMario Frei 07/16/2018 at 08:070 Comments

There are two options for gathering measured data from remote locations: data loggers and sensor networks. Below, I listed my impressions on some of the solutions and their pros and cons. Some of the impressions outlined lead to the decision to start a new wireless sensor framework, and some of the impressions were gathered during the development.

Despite the plethora of papers on WSNs, I could not find a framework that is truly open source and simple enough that I would dare to tinker with it. This led me to think that there is a niche for a simple and modular framework for remote measurements. Although our research field is buildings, I could imagine that it could be used in other fields.

I would like to mention two academic data logger projects, which inspired me to publish our work on GitHub and on

Both provide source files, build instructions and tutorials. Check them out!

If there is a modular open-source framework for remote measurements that I am not aware of, let me know in the comments.