Just another quadcopter from scratch project

Quadcopter build from scratch using carbon fiber tube frame, custom control HW based on STM32F3 MCU and custom FW using CMSIS RTX RTOS.

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It actually flies. Currently I don't see finishing this project any time soon though. Another lesson learned how simple things could end up being difficult.

I have always wanted to have a remote controlled toy. Unfortunately (well given that every toy I had I have always disassembled maybe fortunately) I have never got one. So now when Im old enough, have needed knowledge and resources, I have decided to build one for myself from scratch to learn in a process. Quadcopter.

It looks very simple. Notebook, joystick, bluetooth, motors, battery and some wood for frame. Glue all together and its done. If you think that, you are gonna have a bad time ( :)

This quad is supposed to be a base platform for a lot of my future projects. I want this quad first to fly, than to be able to stay in the air, than to autonomously land, takeoff, travel. Side projects are to make a balancing module which allows balancing propellers while mounted on quad, small on-board camera that utilizes unused bandwidth of remote control channel to transfer pictures to PC, some software modules etc.

  • Flying in acrobat mode

    kevarek02/10/2017 at 19:16 0 comments

    Just quick update - I have made remote controller from PS2 controller transmitting via XBEE to the quadcopter, which is now flying in acrobat mode. Im going to log the process and fill the missing steps to project log first, before further development - stable flight mode, guided flight.

  • Frame assembly

    kevarek06/05/2016 at 18:52 0 comments

    Frame is based on four equally long carbon fiber tubes attached to central and motor platforms with custom made U-shaped screws

    Motor platform mounted with four U-screws to carbon fiber tubes.

    Frame tubes are mounted to central platform from both sides using U-screws.

  • First naive wooden build

    kevarek06/05/2016 at 17:30 0 comments

    For the documentation and history reasons here Im adding pictures of the first build. Wooden frame, low cost MCU STM32F05 and single layer PCB home made using toner transfer. Controlled with PC joystick. Errors made, lessons learned.

    • No, even an automation engineer cant fix construction and HW flaws using very well tuned PID regulator
    • Propellers are never truly balanced causing a lot of vibrations
    • Frame must be solid, not bending much and not resonant around RPM frequencies
    • Vibrations really mess with position measurement and PID regulation
    • Big nope for controlling directly roll, pitch and yaw from sensor fusion - too slow and not stable

    Idea was to use small PCB as central platform, above it control circuit and below battery with ESC.

    Idea was to use small PCB as central platform, above it control circuit and below battery with ESC.

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zakqwy wrote 06/06/2016 at 17:06 point

Awesome (and ambitious) project, excited to see this one take shape!

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